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Welcome to Denmark

We understand how stressful and chaotic a relocation experience can be. You're facing a lot of challenges, the oridnary ones which has to do with a new job, but on top of that, everything that has to do with arriving in a new country, in some cases with your partner, children, and even your pet perhaps.

Wholehearted commitment

In all cases, the client is being followed by the same consultant. We believe in a wholehearted comprehensive, engagement, which will be available throughout the full process, 24/7, in which the client require our services.

Tailored solutions

Xpat specializes in services related to housing. Our clients are private individuals, companies, organisations & embassies. We have access to a huge network of landlords, furniture lease, stylist, craftsmen, lawyer etc., most of that In-house. Thereby we are in a position where our clients requirements can be met.

Some testimonials from our clients

Novo Nordisk

Chetan Dahale


"I've been here since Oct 2010 and had to relocate twice. But among other relocation companies I felt that you are the only one who proactively helped me to find the home. You always understood my need better. I would like to appreciate all the efforts you have taken to help me comfortably move to the new house. I would definitely recommend Xpat.dk to my colleagues and friends travelling to CPH. Best regards."

Norwegian Armed Forces

Alexander Erichsen


"We’re very pleased with the service that you’ve granted us for the last couple of month. Without your help, we would never have made it, with all the preparations involved when moving to a new country. We praise you for a very good and service minded approach, and that you have kept up with us, even with huge number of questions that we’ve had during the process. You’ll definately be recommended to other colleagues."

PA Consulting Group

Michael Hyltoft

United Kingdom

"Being a large family we had very specific requirements for our housing requirements in Denmark. XPAT provided us with excellent services, advice and support throughout this process, and opened our eyes to options we would ever have considered ourselves. Without their help we would not have found the lovely place we now call home."

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