We have tried it ourselves, and thereby we most certainly know what you’re facing when arriving in a new country.

Western Europe, Eastern Europe, The Middle East and Central Asia, are all places where we’ve been working and living, including rough “neighbourhoods” like Iraq & Afghanistan as an Expat.

We thereby know how important it is to have the right help and guidance, so that you’re capable to operate in your work position, without having to much stress on your shoulders, towards getting settled either yourself, or with your family.

We believe in wholehearted full committed service which include a setup where the expatriate, and hers or his family, will be followed by the same consultant throughout the whole process...24/7. Thereby we will be able to give our clients a very personal service, which we see as a major advantage.

We have in-house our own housing company, furniture rental & styling. We've got craftsmen, handyman, and movers. Thereby we have fairly easy access in solving the various challenges that our clients are facing.

Towards many of our competitors, we thereby feel that we have a lot more to offer:

  • A very personal service
  • The same consultant throughout the whole process
  • 24/7 service, including weekends, we are always available
  • We know what an expatriate is facing, we have tried it numerous times ourselves
  • In-house house access to a lot of services required to make our clients relocation run smoothly
  • We look forward to be at your assistance.