The Housing Challenge

For the last couple of years the housing challenge has been like the wild west in Copenhagen. It can be really hard to maneuver in this field of amateur landlords, lawyers, housing agents, real estate agents, and sorrily and worst of all, the hustlers.

As it looks now this condition will go on for many years simply due to the huge demand for rental housing.

After having solved the biggest challenge, which is to find the right house or apartment, you're then facing another two very important challenges. The first one is to make sure that you get everything right when it comes to the contract, and don't sign something which can cause some quite significant financial issues later on. After this, you'll hopefully have some good years in Copenhagen, until the time when the apartment or house has to be left.

At this point, the last issue will have to be handled with your landlord, and here you'll have to be carefull. Depending on the contract, either a full, or partly refurbishment has to take place. A lot of money is involved in this process, so it's extremely important that you make sure that everything goes as it should, within the contract, and within the law.

We have therefore put together some housing packages which will cater for a safe, and highly qualified service which suits your requirements, and makes sure that you won't pay for more than you rightfully should.

Our packages and prices

more info Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4 Package 5 Package 6
Apartment/house search
Negotiations, rent, installations etc.
Photo/video documentation
Contract guarantee
Scam guarantee
Private showings
Participation, moving in
Guidance condition report
Reading of meters
Signing up with utility providers
Participation, moving out
Guidance condition report
Reading of meters
Unsubscribing with utility providers
Negotiations, refurbishment
Communation with landlord
Disputes with the landlord

DKK 2,500

(approx. $465 or €340)
Excl. VAT

DKK 4,500

(approx. $835 or €605)
Excl. VAT

DKK 4,000

(approx. $740 or €540)
Excl. VAT

DKK 6,500

(approx. $1,200 or €875)
Excl. VATtest

DKK 7,500

(approx. $1,390 or €1,010)
Excl. VAT
Price based on each
individual case

Please contact us to learn more about each individual service.